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Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 12, 2003 at 21:15:00:
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: My shower drain has a sewer like smell coming from it but only after water has run for a while. I had a plumber out to look at it and he suggested I clean the drain with a wire brush which I did. Also as suggested I poured bleach down the drain and the smell subsided for a day or so. Now the smell is back. It only seems to happen when the water is running. The plumber assured me that my trap was fine as it is holding water. He indicated the smell was with the buildup in the drain. The drain is clean and the smell is awful. Please help. This site is awesome!!!

I doubt your drain is clean. It can drain and still not be clean from the soap residue that builds up in the pipe. It is usually in the tailpiece but can build up in the trap arm also.
If you have copper drain and vent piping the vent pipe may have eaten through and the incoming water agitates the drains and causes an odor that comes out the hole in the copper vent pipe. LonnythePlumber

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