Re: Should I replace my pressure tank?
Posted by Gary Slusser on June 11, 2003 at 23:08:32:
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: Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions. After thinking about it, it may not pay for me to buy a new tank one size up. The old one is still working and it seems that my 9 gallon draw-down(newly charged) is about what I can expect from a new tank. It's not an inconvenience to recharge the tank as I have a compressor in the basement. I think I will recharge the tank monthly instead of 2-3 times a year. I think I will also set the pressure back to 40-60 from where it is now. (42-62). Maybe 38-60 would be better. One concern I have that seems to have been mentioned a few times is the 1 minute pump-run time. My pump is 1/2 HP. I do not know who the manufacturer is. I do not get 1 minute run time out of the pump. The best has been 53 seconds and that was last night when I recharged the tank. It gets shorter as more air is absorbed by the water.

: David

To obtain your goal of extending the life of the pump, a new tank is in order and is the only solution. I think you said that the tank should be replaced so getting one with just one minute of pump run time drawdown at your pressure settings is good but the next larger size would be better and increase you drawdown too. I'm not sure I made that clear. You measure drawdown at the tank drain from when the pump shuts off until it starts again.

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