Wax -free bowl gasket
Posted by TTA on June 09, 2003 at 23:41:31:
I have used the fluidmaster wax-free gasket 7503 now and it installed very easily with no leaking. I have suggested using this to others on this board. I am wondering what the pros here think of it if they have used them or what they think of the idea? I also wonder if there is a potential to restrict the flush since the horn now empties into the smaller opening of the gasket than the 3" drain. I installed it on an American standards "Standards Collection" toilet and it doesn't flush as well as I expected and I wonder if using traditional wax ring may make the flush better? If so then Fluidmaster really should have a warning that this product may lessen the flushing effectiveness. Thanks for any opinions.

I have to think this a great product for "recessed" flanges or for toilets that may wobble at installation.

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