Re: Replacing toilet on ceramic tile
Posted by TTA on June 09, 2003 at 21:43:53:
In response to Re: Replacing toilet on ceramic tile
I would say it isn't necessary and advisable is debatable. I have installed two toilets directly on ceramic tile. The first one I did have to shim because of wobble but I only put shims where needed to steady the toilet and nothing else. The other toilet went in level and steady as soon as I placed it and I won't even caulk around the base because it looks good just as it is. I have seen instructions to use putty on the base of the toilet but I don't really see the need unless there are huge gaps. The putty will not help any wobbling to any great degree and will also not help level the toilet so it really only fills voids and you should leave some sort of void (preferably in the back) so that any leaks will be apparent more quickly and fixed.

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