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Posted by BBB1 on June 09, 2003 at 21:18:29:
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: : Anyone had this problem? All of a sudden, my Kinetico Softener (10+ yrs old) is constantly draining. Doesn't seem to brine at all. I did have the system drained for a bit due to some lawn sprinkler work, but nothing else changed. At first I assumed it was just refilling the twin tanks, but an hour later it's still draining. I'm fairly handy, and would like to attempt the repairs myself. Thanks! BB1; Check out the valve (float) that controls the the amount of water to make the brine for a recharge.
: It sometimes"sticks if there is a crud build-up in the resvoir. If that don't cure it, check out timing contact, it could be stuck on RINSE cycle. Hube

Thanks for the quick response....I disassembled the timing unit on top, and found that all 4 valves were wide open. I cleaned them and reassembled the unit, but I didn't know which valves to leave open and which to close. Under the assumption all 4 open meant draining, I closed all 4 to see what would happen. It is still draining through the drain hose, but not nearly as much. As we speak (type/read) I am letting the water go for a few hours to see if the valves will 're-set' themselves...probably not, but thought it may save $80 service call. If not fixed by this weekend, I'll bite the bullet and call. Thought I may be able to fix it and learn something about these 'mysterious' water softeners at the same time...If you can think of which valves should be open/closed for brine or backwash, let me know.

Thanks again...great website

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