Re: 3 piece tub/whirlpool/shower unit
Posted by chris on June 09, 2003 at 18:30:19:
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: : Im considering installing a three piece tub/shower unit in my bath room as a part of an entire remodel.
: : the problem im having is that i cannot find any info on the intial frame work.
: : i know ill need a mortar base and cement board liner of sorts
: : but does any body know the dimensions to fit a 60" x 32"x 87" kit?
: : i surfed the manufactures website but found nothing. the kit is made by GALBOCCA.
: : kind of a bummer cause i cant frame my new door opening until i find out where the completed deal is going to set.
: : any info to keep job rolling well be apreciated

: Some tubs do not need a mortar base (never heard of using cement board). A mortar base, if you need it, goes down when you install the tub, so don't worry about it now. And I don't quite understand your framing problem. You have the dimensions you need.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

its happened to me before , i use the dimensions they give me and they neglect to tell me about a needed clearance for something, you go back to enqiure and get some contactors business card. or they changed a dimenionsion on something.
the cement board.i hate drywall,the dirtiest product ever invented to put in a home personal preference more than anything. i like the fact that it wont crumble and fall apart over time from any condensation or as a result of a broken pipe/fitting, the jury (wife) is still out on that

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