Re: Should I replace my pressure tank?
Posted by David on June 09, 2003 at 00:17:24:
In response to Re: Should I replace my pressure tank?
I'm not sure of the capacity. The tank is 50" tall and 16" wide. It has the air valve on the side but it's located almost at the top of the tank. When we moved into the house 10 years ago, the tank pressure was set to 40-60. Since I installed 2 in-line whole house water filters and a water softener, I adjusted the pressure up a bit to compensate. There is approx 3 PSI difference between the tank pressure and the pressure after the filters. (I installed a gauge there). I recharge the tank to 2PSI below the cut on pressure. There are no problems at all with the tank, the pressure at the fawcets or the well pump. I think I am just looking to possibly get more life out of the pump (located 93' deep) before it dies. Maybe I am paranoid!!

: How large is the existing tank? If the air pressure charge is too high or too low you will not get the maximum water draw down before the pump starts.

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