hot water supply for shower
Posted by Bob on June 08, 2003 at 22:44:34:
I am installing a shower using 3/4" copper with a fixed shower head at 2.5 gpm, 3 body sprays at 2.5 gpm each, and a handshower at 2.5 gpm. The fixed head and body sprays may be used at the same time. Each has its own volume control and the thermostatic valve is rated to handle the flow for all. Our current 40 gallon gas tank feeds a dish washer, washing machine, a tub/shower, and sinks. It's about 15 years old.

I am getting advice that is all over the map on the hot water source. One plumbing shop says I need two 50 gallon tanks, another says one 50 gallon tank is enough. I was also considering a whole house tankless system just for the shower and a 40 or 50 gallon tank for everything else. Both places recommended against this.

Please help, I am looking for advice on what to do for the hot water supply.


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