Should I replace my pressure tank?
Posted by David on June 08, 2003 at 22:39:31:

I have well water which is pumped into a 30 year old steel pressure tank. There is no separation between the air and water. I maintain the tank carefully, recharging it every 4 to 6 months. It runs 42PSI (pump on) to 62PSI (pump off). I get a drawdown of 8 gallons before the pump turns on. The pump was replaced 15 years ago.

Here is my question. Should I replace this prefectly good, working tank with a larger precharged bladder tank? Since I get only approx 8 gallons between each pump cycle, I would like to decrease the amount of times the pump runs while increasing the amount of water per pump cycle. A 15 year old pump may not have too many cycles left in it and replacing it would be costly. I heard that the pressure tank should be sized based on the number of fawcets in your house. Doesn't it make sence to get the biggest tank possible so that you have more water per pump cycle? I have 14 fawcets in my house. What would you recommend I do? Leave the old tank alone? Replace it with a standard bladder type tank or replace it with the biggest tank I can buy?

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