Re: toilet tank leaks so that it refills spontaneously every 20 minutes or so.
Posted by tottieirenewr on June 08, 2003 at 13:07:05:
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: CW= Colton Ware
: I can't seem to find any existing web site on them. They may have been bought out.
: As far as finding a "ready made" kit for it, that's a bit hard to do. There is a large variety in the way toilet tanks are plumbed.
: If you can get a new flush valve to work and seal, the yes, you are on the right track.

: : Our condo has "off-brand" toilets The mark on them is CW. The tank on one has a leak so that it fills spontaneously every 20 minutes or so. None of the hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowe's or Dixieline) recognizes the CW mark, so replacement parts for it present a problem. We have replaced the flapper to no avail (the flapper we replaced was a cantilevered type.) So now we're in the process of replacing the whole toilet flush valve with one that has a flapper valve that is not cantilevered; the only problem is, the overflow pipe has to be cut down to a 6" height (seems strange we couldn't find a kit that came "ready"for the job.) Are we on the right track to solve the periodic leak? Does anyone recognize the CW mark, and can advise us about proper replacement parts? Thank you for this great site.

We replaced the whole flush valve, but had to adapt it to our toilet by shortening the overflow pipe. The replacement also had a styrofoam float which we removed. But there is a glitch: the flapper doesn't seal in its seat and there is a leak between the tank and the bowl. Did I buy an improper replacement part? HELP!

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