Re: Water Softener Constantly Draining
Posted by Hube on June 08, 2003 at 09:14:49:
In response to Re: Water Softener Constantly Draining
: Anyone had this problem? All of a sudden, my Kinetico Softener (10+ yrs old) is constantly draining. Doesn't seem to brine at all. I did have the system drained for a bit due to some lawn sprinkler work, but nothing else changed. At first I assumed it was just refilling the twin tanks, but an hour later it's still draining. I'm fairly handy, and would like to attempt the repairs myself. Thanks! BB1; Check out the valve (float) that controls the the amount of water to make the brine for a recharge.
It sometimes"sticks if there is a crud build-up in the resvoir. If that don't cure it, check out timing contact, it could be stuck on RINSE cycle. Hube

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