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Posted by Deb on June 06, 2003 at 21:57:46:
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: My house was built in 1988 and has PB (gray) pipe with mostly plastic fittings. As I do repairs I would like to replace sections with PEX. I have the crimpers and they work on either pipe. I understand the crimp rings have different ID's so are not interchangeable, and that the PB fittings have 4 or more ribs while the PEX fittings have 2 ribs. My questions are:
: 1) Can I attach PEX pipe to a PB fitting? If so, how?
: 2) Can I attach PB pipe to a PEX fitting? If so, how?

: I ask this because I would like to replace sections at the fittings (U's and T's) and I only know of inline connectors for joining PEX to PB. I don't want to repipe the whole house and I am not having any leak problems (just normal faucet type stuff that needs replacing).

: Thanks Terry,
: Chris

You should be able to buy Pex to polybutylene couplings at most plumbing supply stores. Be sure to use the black crimp ring with the Pex and the copper crimp ring with the PB.
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