Re: Mounting toilet flange to basement rough-in
Posted by Mike on June 06, 2003 at 13:53:11:
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: When I had my house built, the plumbing contractor roughed-in waste lines for a half bath. I'm ready to finish up the bath now and am confused about how to mount the toilet flange given what I see coming out of the concrete floor.

: I am not installing a subfloor; vinyl flooring directly onto concrete.

: I see a large PVC pipe rise approx. 1" out of the concrete. I measure 5" OD on this pipe. Inserted (and presumably solvent welded as I see purple cleaner)
: into this pipe is a short section of PVC that measures 4.5" OD. There is a cap over the top of this pipe that looks unwelded.

: Given that I want the toilet to basically sit on the concrete (height of vinyl flooring can't be more than 1/8"), I'm not sure how to proceed. I think I have to cut the large pipe almost flush (allow for vinyl floor thickness) with the concrete and then find a toilet flange that slips inside this large pipe. I looked for a toilet flange but see nothing that had a 4.5 OD".

: I'm beginning to suspect that the contractor assumed I would have sub-floor. This is not possible d/t transition into bathroom and ceiling height limits. I really don't want to have to build up a small toilet pedestal to get around this problem.

: Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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