Re: Roof with No Insulation beneath
Posted by Tom on June 05, 2003 at 12:27:20:
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Hube: The rafters are 4"x6" spaced 3 to 4' O.C. on a 3/12 pitch roof. Toung and grove ceilin is nailed to the top of the rafters. Ceiling is roughly 12' high at center of room. See Pictures at

There is about 800s.f. on top floor. Ceiling tounge & groove boards are nailed on top of the rafter/beam so it really looks nice but leaves no airspace even if I tore off sheathing and insulated when re-roofing. My only thought is when re-roofing to add rafters at 4 or 5/12 pitch above the existing roof and re-sheath and insulate below.

The home is located in mid-Missouri, day temps in summer are betw. 90-100, the house is shaded which will help matters.

Thanks - Tom

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