water pipes in new home
Posted by Meg on June 05, 2003 at 11:36:12:

I just visited our new construction site and found that the �replacement plumber� (auggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) is putting in �" copper piping along with �" copper piping throughout the house.

Since I have been un-able to contact this guy this evening I am hoping I may gat some valuable/helpful information from an expert plumber here!

The hot water heater with a re-circulating pump is set off to the side of the house.
We will be having 5 bathrooms: 2 with spas, 1 with regular tub, 3 will have separate showers - 2 of the 3 will have a �Mr. Steam�
Laundry room has W/D, and laundry sink
Kitchen will have 2 dishwashers, 1 main sink, 1 prep-sink and a pot filler
Powder room will have sink and toilet. All toilets will be low-flush.

Can anyone explain the advantage (other than the plumber saving money!!!) to do it this way?

We have had a problem for years with water going cold/hot in the shower when someone either turned on a faucet, garden hose, or flushed.

Since this is a total re-build I had hoped for/ expected �" (at least) on all copper trunk (horizontal) lines.

Am I out-of-line on this point?

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