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Posted by Pat on June 05, 2003 at 00:04:18:
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: : I have a camp in the mountains that I close for winter and run nontoxic antifreeze through the well line (but not into the well). Some of this antifreeze stays in low spots, and I flush the whole line in the spring (about 700 feet of 1 inch black tubing). It's hard to avoid some residual antifreeze taste for the first month of use. Is there anything I can add to the flush water that would aid in eliminating this?
: : Thanks.

: How about blowing the lines with air instead of adding the anti-freeze. It sounds as if you have it in the well, otherwise, where is it coming from to last a month? It has to be in something other than that line unless you run very little water which I doubt.

Sounds like your anti freeze backflowed into your well. The only way to remove it is to flush the system and possible the aquifer. How do you know that it did not backflow into the well? is there a check valve? if there is what type? some check valves require line pressure to operate properly so if you depressurized the line by draining then added your anti freeze you could have bypassed that protection. Also I would recommend you have a lab check the water for what kind of contaminates the anti freeze left...unless you have used a "food grade" anti freeze which will have an NSF title 64 stamp on it which certifies it as safe for use on potable water supplies. I would recomend in the future blowign out the lines like the other recomendation or draining the system the best you can and leaving several valves open to give the water a place to expand when it freezes, however if you are in an area that has really harse winter temps this wont work. Goodluck

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