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Posted by Pat on June 04, 2003 at 23:54:59:
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: so, based on good advice from a previous post, I removed the inside of my sillcock and replaced the washer on the end inside the house. However, when screwing the brass nut back on, it seems the threads have now cross threaded and it will not go back on. Is there any way to repair this?? Also, the packing washer (I believe it is called) was next to impossible to get back in, perhaps it swelled up? Should I replace this part as well? My main concern however is with the cross threading. Thank you.


My advice would be to replace the whole valve, I am assuming that the you really cranked on the nut to get it tight...the damage is done and you will spend alot more time trying to repair threads than what it take to buy and replace. Also if you are using a valve without a anti siphon you need to disconnect the hose during winter months because water will freeze and push againstthe seat and will be a continual problem, sometimes even bursting the pipe beyond the valve. Goodluck

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