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Posted by Paul on June 04, 2003 at 08:40:37:
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A long time ago, a plumber had once told me that the bathroom fixtures (Kohler, Standard, etc) that you purchase at Home Depot or any big home improvement store are all seconds. He said that in order to purchase quality fixtures, you need to order from the company directly. I don't know whether any of this is true or not, but we remodeled our bathroom in the late 80's with Kohler, and the contractor purchased the fixtures directly from Kohler, and they worked beautifully. They still work good as new today.

With your problem, it seems to me like the fixtures were installed wrong, or not hooked up right. To me, it sounds like the fault lies in the hands of the plumber or contractor that installed the fixtures, not Kohler.

Best of luck resolving your problem!

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