Re: leaky shower faucet -- PLEASE HEEEEEELP ???
Posted by Jay on June 04, 2003 at 00:31:10:
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: : I have a delta single knob shower faucet (goes from off to hotter and gets warmer as you turn it). It has been dripping from the shower head and making me crazy . . .


: : I cannot find a similar shower knob (the single from cold to hot) on any website with instructions.

: One of the really nice things about Delta is that they are easy to work on. Shut the water off,open faucet to relieve pressure, remove the handle, remove the domed cap, remove the ball assembly, remove the springs and cup washers. Pay attention to how everything comes apart. Take the ball assemby, springs and washers to the plumbing supply store and buy EXACT duplicates. Buy only Delta replacement parts. Since the ball assembly is relative inexpensive, I recommend replacing that along with the springs and washers while you have everything dissassembled. Reassemble and turn the water on.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Not sure what you are calling the ball assembly, but I have the same POS faucet too. I found the instructions here I have taken it completely apart and discovered the seats are disenegrating (ie the rubber comes off in my hand). My theory is that due to the leak, the small amount of air that esists in the horizontal pipe of the shower head got compressed to the point that it blows the gray cover off the head. This is no small amount of water I am losing even though the leak seems small.

I plan to replace every piece of rubber on the thing, are there any other parts I should consider as well?

I would rather replace it with a different model, but the tratment in my shower doesn't allow me the access to the hot/cold pipes, only the shut off valves.


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