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Posted by Gary Slusser on June 03, 2003 at 11:50:39:
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: Is there a method for checking/cleaning out the plastic 1" pipe that runs from the pitless adaptor in the well casing to the inside of a building. The pump has been replaced but pressure and volume seems to be below what it should be. The well pump installer claims the line into the building is somewhat clogged and should be replaced but this would require a lot of digging and breaking up of asphalt. Can a plastic pipe like this be cleaned out from the building to the casing without disconnecting at the pitless adaptor?

Was the well static water level and recovery rate, pumping level etc. checked out before replacing the pump? What pump (gpm and hp) was replaced and what size pump (the gpm and hp) was used to replace it? Is this well fully cased with screening, or a rock bore cased into the bedrock?

Why was the pump replaced, because you had low pressure/volume is not good enough? Low pressure low flow may not have anything to do with the pump (as we seem to be seeing now).

You may need to have the well cleaned. To determine that, you'd need the well inspected by someone that cleans wells. To clean the line from the well to the building.... I've not heard of it being done mechanically but, I don't see why it couldn't have a snake run through it as long as it wasn't damaged in the process. You'd want the drop pipe disconnected from the pitless to do that. Chemical cleaning of both the well and the plumbing would probably be a better choice. Checking the current pumping level and recovery rate should be done before anything else (based on the limited info stated here). You possibly have iron related bacteria (IRB) problems. That (and hardwater scale) plugs well screen etc. and plumbing while reducing the recovery rate and production form the well.

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