Central Heating Problem in cold UK
Posted by Dennis Goddard on June 03, 2003 at 07:06:28:
Hi I am spending a few days at my girlfriends (Watford, I live in N.Wales)
Its a small 3 bedroomed detatched house with 5 single Rads upstairs and 4 downstairs.
When we turn the heating on, all the Rads upstairs work fine but there is no heat at all downstairs.Turn all the Rads off at the controller valves upstairs and all the Rads work ok downstairs. This is the state of play right now.

It has been like this since she moved in. So far this week I have changed the pump (The old one was full of small chippings and looked burnt out, it was also very noisy. We used it as an alarm clock it was that bad.)I also removed all the Rads and cleaned the gunge out( There was a lot). I am at a total loss as to why this should be like this. If the Rads upstairs are hot, where does the hot water go to if not the downstairs Rads.The boiler does controll so its not like cold water from the downstairs Rads is entering it.

Please help as I only have a couple of more days before I go home, and money is very tight at the moment having bought this place.
Dennis Goddard

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