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Posted by hj on June 02, 2003 at 23:47:47:
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Fernco couplings are not approved inside the building in many areas. But the more pressing problem is that you seem to plan to just cut an opening into the main pipe and connect your sink and washing machine drains to it. All this with no apparent provision for venting the new drains.

: I have an older home with the cast iron sewer pipe in the basement. I want to install a laundry room and need to connect a drain for the washer.
: I have seen a "rubber boot" type of "Y" that I assume would let me Y in a smaller PVC drain pipe to the old existing cast iron drain pipe. It appears that I would need to remove around 6" of the cast iron and replace it with the boot (uses a hose clamp at each end) and this would allow me to install the smaller PVC pipe, from the washer, into the boot.
: Will this "connection" be as easy as it looks, or is there something I'm missing? Is the cast iron going to be difficult to cut? Will the rubber boot section become a leak problem?
: Thanks,
: Larry

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