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Posted by brigitte klein on June 02, 2003 at 11:04:51:

we just finished a new bathroom. our plumber installed the products i chose, all Kohler.

Right away i find the Finial Traditional K306KS highflow rite-temp valve with screwdriver stops doesn't adjust the temperature as advertised. in 2 weeks I've had 1 hot shower - mostly they are lukewarm. Yesterday I turned the water on full blast as usual, just to get it lukewarm and it came out really hot. i had to turn it almost off to get it to a normal temperature and then it wouldn't get hot again. My husband had one or 2 hot showers. so, it's hit or miss. I read the showervalve booklet, it says not to adjust the water past 120 deg. don't i wish, i put a thermometer in, it's 94. except for the 2 times i had to turn it down. The plumber, on his last visit, said he couldn't make it any hotter, but i think he only tried the screw driver adjustment, not further in.

The bidet, Portrait, leaks from the spray nozzle, we had a bidet before, I expect about a table spoon of water to come out until it's drained entirely. but not after 10 hours. we like to keep our stuff clean, so i always wipe it dry, i made a test, i used it on a saturday and then not again, and sunday afternoon it still leaked.

yesterday, the final straw. we NEVER put a bunch of paper in any toilet, as a homeowner you KNOW to treat your stuff carefully or it costs. in one way i wasn't even surprised. my husband used the Portrait toilet (he only made water) then tried to flush, it wouldn't go down.

We had professional plumbers install everything. Since we have been remodeling our house for 5 years and want everything to be really nice, we chose Kohler, paid thru the nose. My husbands comments: Kohler can kiss my .....

we had a kohler bathroom before and were very happy. but now? the facts speak for themselves.

any comments? or maybe even better helpful suggestions?


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