Re: toilet drains to bottom of the bowl
Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 01, 2003 at 23:13:57:
In response to Re: toilet drains to bottom of the bowl
: I just moved into a brand new house with a pressurized septic system. Both toilets flush fine and fill the bowl about mid way but then drain almost to empty. I tried filling the bowl with excess water and the extra water makes it drain also. There doesn't appear to be any outside leaks.

: In addition the washer drain gurgles randomly.

: Any thoughts?

I am a city plumber and have never heard of a pressurized septic system. Some of the low flush toilets do retain only a small amount of water like the european toilets. You may not have a problem except for keeping them clean. The washer drain could be lack of venting or drain clog. Your house should be under a one or two year warranty.

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