Re: leaking seal, mansfield toilet
Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 01, 2003 at 23:08:18:
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: : If the parts are assembled correctly, the Mansfield is usually quite reliable. You can remove the tank, take out the center mechanism and replace it and the trip lever handle with conventional units.

: : : I have two Mansfield toilets in my house both of which leak around the drain seal. The result is periodic refilling and much lime buildup inside the bowl.

: Thanks HJ for the quick followup. I will convert one of my toilets and mess around with the other. In my opinion, the dropdown mechanism is too light to form a good seal, especially if there is the tiniest bit of irregularity on the gasket or the dropdown piec.

: Thanks again

: Gene Kimble

: : : I have replaced the gaskets and the drop down mechansism that makes the seal. I am unable to stop the leak.

: : : In my opinion this is a marginal seal method.

: : : I am looking for a conversion kit that will convert to the old fashioned reliable "flapper" seal.

: : : I would appreciate it if you would respond with a conversion kit that is available.

: : : Best regards

: : : G.E. Kimble

The mansfields are good toilets and have a water saving feature by allowing you to close the flush valve with the trip lever after the toilet has flushed. Did you clean the residue off of the face of the flush valve? You can warm up a seal with a lighter which may improve the sealing. LonnythePlumber

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