sewer back-up
Posted by Susie on June 01, 2003 at 17:48:07:
Our house was built in the later 1950's and our sewer has backed up twice in the past 3 years. When it was reamed out, tree roots were found in a couple of places even though the nearest trees are about 80 feet away. We're having trouble getting local plumbers to return our calls so we can decide what to do about the problem. We've considered replacing the line which presents some problems as the tie-in to the city sewer is about 60 feet from the house clean-out, involves the water and gas lines and goes under our driveway as well as a huge cost. We've considered having a camera inserted to look at the problem as a first step, having a liner put in, and using root killer. Any thoughts you can give us would be appreciated.

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