Re: How do I fix low water pressure only in one faucet?
Posted by Valerie Lopez on June 01, 2003 at 06:59:11:
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: Terry,

: I recently moved into a 30 year old home. The kitchen was upgraded by the sellers, and we are the first to use the new appliances and sink. The problem I am having is low water pressure only in the kitchen sink. The pressure is so low, that the attached hose spray barley dribbles out. All the other faucets is the house are fine. I checked the airiator and it is clean. I did have the line tapped into to run a line to the refrigerator's ice maker. Any ideas why the pressure is low only on this faucet? What can I do to fix the problem?

Hello, We recently put in a new kitchen sink and faucet in our kitchen, into a "1959" built home. All of a sudden we had no water pressure in the kitchen sink. It was very low and continued to decline as aproximately 2-weeks went by. It turned out that we had changed our original faucet; that had "washer type valves" with a newer faucet; that had "washerless type valves" This type of faucet instead of having a washer, has a cartridge, this cartridge has a very narrow opening where the water flows through. We have hard water where we live, with that and the build up that had accumulated over the last few decades had clogged the cartridge openings. We were sent new cartridges to replace the clogged ones, it has been working fine now for the last 2-months since this was done. Hope this can help you out, Good-Luck in your new home! Valerie

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