Re: Can't remove sink drain.
Posted by Just Ol' Bob on May 31, 2003 at 13:33:26:
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: : : Please excuse my lack of correct terminolgy for the plumbing parts. I can't get the part of the drain that goes through the sink loose from the pipe on the bottom. It just keeps turning. I can pull it up about 1/2" but no futher. I've removed the J joint. I've looked for something to loosen but don't see anything. There's a section in the pipe on the bottom where the drain plug was connected but I don't see a screw or anything to remove this. I think it's cemented in and have been unable to loose this part either. Suggestions????

:: I imagine you probably have the problem solved by now, but just in case.
When you say "I've removed the J joint," does that mean that the pipe coming down from the sink drain is hanging free? If this pipe is plastic, then you may have guessed correctly that the two sections are glued toghether. But, no matter, if you are near a plubming supply store, and have the room under the sink, cut the pipe at a place where it looks like you can fit it up through the sink drain hole, and take all your sink fittings as well as the pieces of pipe to the plumbing supply store, they should be able to help. If you are not near a plumbing supply store, wilderness etc, wow. I would say put it all back together, wrap it with duct or other type of tape, or if it is plastic and you have the plastic pipe cement, then put that around where you know the leak is, and then put the tape over that. A LOT of your story is missing, but I do wish you best of luck, I have been there.

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