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Posted by Hube on May 29, 2003 at 15:37:00:
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: My hot water tank at our summer camp is not working correctly. The water is coming out the t&p valve even with luke warm water. I had this problem at the beginning of the season last year and just lowered the thermostat some. That is not doing the trick this year. Is there usually a pressurre reducing valve in electric water heaters? Or does this go on one of the water lines. I would like to know about this before I get a plumber. Thank-you for any help.
Try flipping the toggle lever up and down a few times, there may be a build-up of crud under the valve. If that don't do it you may need an new T&P valve installed. Any temp. around 120-140 should not "activate" the T&P. it is there in case of higher temp (tank burner, therm. , malfunctions) All tanks need this protection. Hube

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