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Posted by Deb on May 27, 2003 at 19:41:23:
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: We want to install a full bath into basement.

: We have a three inch drain line about 4-6 feet from proposed bath.

: Proposed Tub/Shower sits closest to drain pipe.

: Followed by water closet and then lav.

: Conventional (?) DWVing implies to drain Lavs and Tubs/Showers UPSTREAM from a water closet.

: To do this, I'm thinking of running a 3" branch drain beyond the water closet connection by about 2 feet or so (putting a cleanout plug at the end.

: Between the clean-out and the water closet connection adding a T or a wye to receive the two inch drain from the tub/shower combo. (since we're talking about cutting the slab, I thought we would slope the drain for the lav 10 - 12 feet inside the wall tapping into the tub/shower drain plumbing(to minimize concrete cutting). [tub/shower 2" drain to 3" branch extension
: about 4 feet or so.

: This would place these fixtures UPSTREAM from the water closet.

: Is this permissable? If I used a wye even though the drain is horizontal the wye would be pointing downward horizontally (upside down). If this is not allowed, then is a Tee connection allowed?

: Regarding the lav connection to the tub/shower drain, is it best to connect above the trap with a tee? Or connect past the P-trap. (again - I'm trying to minimize the concrete slab cutting)

: Could I also leave the "pit" with the tub/shower trap exposed in the ground not covering it with concrete after the drain plumbing is finished? There would be an access door on the other side of the wall where the plumbing to the tub is run. I know the trap should be enclosed in a protective box. I'm thinking if anything happened, it would be easier to access then breaking up the floor again. Does this make sense?

: Thanks for your help!

Where are your vents??????

If plumbed correctly, there is no reason to have the WC downstream from a tub, shower or lav.

The Pipewench

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