Re: Leaking Bathtub Overflow
Posted by Hube on May 27, 2003 at 18:09:02:
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: My bathtub apparently has a leaking overflow that caused damage to the ceiling in the apartment below mine. The maintenance person is telling me not to fill the bathtub up higher than the overflow to avoid this problem. He claims the overflow gasket will always leak, that it doesn't provide a water tight seal, and that the only way to avoid the problem is to never fill the tub all the way up. He is unwilling to find where the actual leak is coming from or replce the gasket. Is it true that overflow gaskets always leak and therefore I need to use less H20 in the tub? Or should I insist he find the leak and repair it?
Jonothan; Any overflow pipes i've ever installed have been water tight. Maintenance man is "feedin you a line". Keep on him to make it tight. There usually is an acess at the rear of the tub in order to facilitate any repairs, If there is, it should'nt be a big deal to seal any leakage.If the maint' man won't co-operate, or there is no acess, then i guess you have to settle for a few gallons less bath. Hube

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