Reliance Water Heater
Posted by Linda Bohrn on May 26, 2003 at 11:37:54:
I have a reliance sta-kleen water heater with a lifetime tank and parts warranty.
The water stopped getting hot and had my son check the elements. This water
heater has a self cleaning feature that is supposed to never need draining and
reduces sediment. Well, we couldn't even get the bottom element out. The
sediment had basically welded it to the bottom of the tank. (so much for self cleaning).
I have only had this tank for a little over 5 years. I can't find my papers that I saved
showing the proof of purchase, trouble shooting guide etc. I was able to replace
the top element which was covered. Now I think the temp/ preaaure relase valve is gone.
I turn on the heater and 8 minutes later the water starts spraying out of the valve. If I turn
it off just before it sprays I can get enough warm water out for a 2 - 3 minute shower
and no more. Could the problem be the valve or maybe the thermostat? Are the 2
connected in any way?

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