My friend's slightly modified solution....
Posted by Roscoe on May 25, 2003 at 22:50:48:
In response to My friend's slightly modified solution....
He said the following, which I'd like to verify, if you don't mind:

(1) I can get 7/8" in-line check valves practically anywhere, no problem.

(2) I should replace the trap with a slightly longer one and connect the Equator hose, with an inline 1-way check-valve, to the trap just below the disposal's output. That way, the Equator wastewater (which might have hair, lint, etc.) won't go into the disposal, and if the disposal clogs, it won't put any pressure on the Equator's drain line (even though this probably wouldn't matter, with the 1-way valve on the Equator line).

How's that sound??

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