Cement Utility tub
Posted by Casman on May 25, 2003 at 13:37:41:
I have a very old laundry double sink tub which my washing machine drains into. It has a drum trap and a galvinized drain line which runs behind the tub about 3 feet then then 90 degrees down about 6 inches and disappears into the cement floor. This all takes place in the corner of the basement. Right next to where the drain disappears into the floor, exactly behind and in the corner was an old gutter pipe which goes up and out with a gutter elbow facing down outside at the foundation wall. I sealed off this gutter thing, removed a portion of the gutter which lead down to a crock looking thing a long time ago. Was this thing some sort of vent perhaps? I believe this drain was simply plugged into the old drain which serviced this gutter which runs under the floor of this 115 year old money pit. I would like to replace the cement tub and somehow run its drain over to the main stack which services a main floor kitchen sink and upstairs full bath. It this feasible? The tub is currently sitting on an adjacent wall side to the main stack and about 9 feet if run to corner then over??

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