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Posted by Ed on May 23, 2003 at 20:58:53:
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Sorry, I started a comment and something hiccupped.
Anyhow, as I started to say, be careful. We've just had a Bath Fitters job done and it doesn't fit properly. I think it can be fixed but they're going to have to make another tub insert as the one they made is too big and sticks out beyond the return wall into the room with a 1/2 inch overage. It can be made right but it's going to mean them eating an improperly measured / made insert which they're not real anxious to do. The existing tub was inside the return wall by at least an inch and the insert they made sticks out by 1/2 inch. Given that the insert material is about 1/4 inch thick and allowing them another 1/4 inch for the double-face adhesive tape they use to attach the insert, that still leaves 1/2 inch that would have trimmed out right. I felt bad for the installer as he did his best with what they gave him to work with, but it just isn't cutting it.

I know we were very careful to explain our desires and concerns so there should not have been any misunderstanding as to our expectations and the ability of bath fitters to do a job we'd be happy with.

As a person who's made my living in the maintenance business, I understand that these types of mistakes can happen and as I told the company, the way they make it right will be an indication of their integrity. We had the job done on Tuesday and it's Friday now so I'm waiting to hear fromn them about a get-well plan.
Check around on price too. Frankly I think they're very high priced especially having now seen what's involved. I think if we had bargained more there would have been a much better price available. As our daughter is getting married June 14th, my wife is anxious to get the house fixed up so we were a bit behind the curve on bargaining power. Consider that one guy did the whole install in about 8 hours and my guestimate is that the components involved were worth about 5 or 6 hundred dollars. For that we were charged almost $3600!

Steer clear of their extras if you have any handyperson abilities. I think they're overpriced. If I had it to do again, I'd also not pay for the job up front as my wife did as I think we'd have more leverage to get them back promptly.

This may yet work out OK although we probably won't make thw wedding deadline. At this point I can't say they're not a good outfit, this may just be an unfortunate mistake but time will tell how redy, willing and able they'll be to make it right. I told the fellow at the company that I understand that mistakes are made but at the price they're charging, I won't be satisfied with any thing less than a first-class job.

Good luck with your inquiry and feel free to check up on our progress. It might save you some headaches.


: I have heard of bath fitters which installs a bath enclosure over the old. Has anyone had this done and is it truly the best option for replacing falling and cracked tile around the tub area.

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