noisy pressure balanced valve
Posted by pam on May 23, 2003 at 11:11:41:
I just had isntalled a Kohler Fairfax one handle pressure balanced faucet. I had previously a three handle standard valve tub/shower set. There is a lot of water noise coming out of the face of my new faucet. I live in a condo so water constantly runs, people are bathing or they have leaky toilet seals. So I heard this noise all the time. If I put a heavy rug over the faucet face, all noise stops. Since it may be code to have a pressure balanced valve, I don't want to turn back to standard valve. But would I do better to have a 3 handle set and have a separate pressure valve attached because pictures show that the face cover (to fix the valve or adjust it) is very small, with screws into the tile. Whereas my Kohler face is huge with losts of gaps for noise to get out from behind the wall. Thanks so much....

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