Re: Where's the problem?
Posted by Hube on May 22, 2003 at 12:41:21:
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: My problem is:

: I have between 35&40 psi. water pressure to my house from the meter. The meter has the same pressure from the service line across the street.

: My neighbors on either side have 118psi to their houses and have their pressures regulated back to 60-80 psi.

: There are two mains on the opposite side of the street from my house. A 16" low pressure line and a 12 high pressure line.

: Yesterday, the water dept. determined that I was connected to the 16" low pressure line so they tapped my service into the 12" high pressure.

: The pressure at my house is still 40psi. However, they did increase the gpm flow from 13gpm to 20gpm at the service side of the meter.

: My question is: Why is my water pressure still so low and other houses around me have hose bursting pressure? Could there be a kink in the service line below the street before the line reaches my water meter?

: Thanks,
: mojo MOJO; Keep buggin the works dept.? there is obviously something wrong on the delivery end, it could be obstructed meter valve, or a partly closed valve at the "tee " on the high press. line . Bottom line "keep buggin them" and i'm sure you will finally get satisfied. Good luck... Hube

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