Re: Water Softner or Dishwasher
Posted by Gary Slusser on May 22, 2003 at 08:47:47:
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: I get a powder like film on my drinking glasses and silverware after cleaning them in the dishwasher. Could it be the water softner? It is about 20 years old.
: Thanks

The softener should be checked out to make sure it is capable of softening your water and removing any iron in it. The check up should include raw water tests and setup of the unit for your current water quality and volume of water used.

Some of the problems with softened water and dishwashers is the type and amount of detergent used. If the softener is working correctly, you should use less detergent. The powder can be from something other than hardness. It could be from the amount of 'salt' in the water, sulfates, chlorides etc..

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