Re: Toilet looses water in bowl when wahser is draining
Posted by I'll be going back to the house this week. No new plumbing has been added. They never had this problem before. It is possible that it had never been noticed. I'm going to check the vents. The toilet flushed normal when I was by to check the situation. on May 21, 2003 at 19:55:07:
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: : I have a customer that has a toilet which looses the water in the bowl when the washer is draining. It doesn't happen all the time (as we all know everything seems fine when the doctor comes by). My first thought is that there may be a blockage in the vent creating a back siphonage.They also havn't had their septic cleared in about 7 years. The washer is on the far side of the home ( about 60' from the toilet with the problem). The toilet is near to the outside cleanout & septic tank. Think you can help solve this one? Is the toilet VENTED properly, or is the vent blocked? Siphonage is occuring because of air starvation in line somewhere . Snake the vent, or visually inspect vents. Does the toilet flush normally at time when the washer is not draining? Also has any new piping etc been added just prior to this problem? Post extra info, and we will advise.. Hube

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