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Posted by hj on May 20, 2003 at 12:34:12:
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I have better things to do than to respond to questions that I do not know the answer to. However, if you really needed to know the mixture, you could look on the container. It is Methylacetylene Propadiene, (stabilized) a mixture of propane and acetylene. As far as how much hotter, that depends on your torch head. A swirl burner may get up to 50% hotter. A pencil flame will be much less, but still hotter than propane.

: : MAPP gas is a blend and burns much hotter than propane. But if your torch does not have a tip that can use MAPP, (some require an orifice or burner replacement), it will burn up due to overheating.

: : : What is MAP gas and what is the difference between it and propane? Home Depot "expert" told me MAP burns hotter than propane. If so...hoe much hotter? Is it worth the extra two bucks per cylinder?

: What does the abbreviation MAP mean? A blend of what? How much hotter? If you don't know then don't reply.

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