Why 2 hot and 2 cold pipes out of slab?
Posted by John L Lauer on May 20, 2003 at 01:03:31:
I am remodelling my bathroom and don't understand why it is plumbed the way it is now. Both the hot and cold water supply lines come out of the slab with 2 pipes that are joined together (using a T) approximately 6-8" above the slab. (A total of 4 pipes emerge from the slab - 2 for hot and 2 for cold.) This is true for both the sink and the shower.

Here's the reason I need to understand... I am moving the shower supply lines approximately 3 feet from one wall (ex-wall actually - I wasn't fond of it) into another wall... Do I need to carry the dual-piping all the way across under the slab and then up in the new location so they are joined above the slab like they are now? Can I just bend the pipes like they are now over under the slab and run a single hot and single cold the rest of the way to the new location (this would have the dual pipes joining into a single beneath the slab approximately 30 inches from where they will emerge).

Please help a confused do-it-yourselfer.

Thanks - John

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