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Posted by E.Brewin on May 19, 2003 at 21:02:52:
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: : I have an antifreeze Mansfield spigot which has an antisiphon valve on top; when I turn on the faucet, water pours out from the faucet and also from the antisiphon valve. Is there any way to fix this short of replacing the whole thing?
: : Thanks.

: I have the same problem - took the whole thing apart, but nothing was obvious. - except the spring mechanism at the end sticks - I think it's been this way since it was new. Waiting for a response from Manfield.

Thank you for all your posts. I had the same problem and had no idea what to do. Given the hints from your posts, I found a part for $1.85 at Wannamakers in suburban Chicago and took off the valve cap and unscrewed the inside. We replaced those items with those in PAK No. 630-7500. Vacuum Breaker for Code approved Anti-siphon Sill Cock (Wall hydrant) Service Parts kit - vacuum breaker for products 578, 579 and 582 by Mansfield. There is a nice picture on the back which shows how it fits into the sill cock. this is for All Anti-Siphon Frost Proof Sill Cocks. Ours was not originally made by Mansfield, but this really works. No more leaking. Good Luck.

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