Leaking Airgap from dishwasher
Posted by Jay on May 19, 2003 at 18:45:41:

I can�t get the airgap for the dishwasher to stop leaking. I know most people eliminate airgaps, but I�ve got to get this one working to satisfy the inspector for the sale of our home. So far, I have replaced the airgap and the 7/8� pipe from the airgap to the disposal. Eliminated the slight up-slope on the pipe going into the disposal. Cleaned the burs on the inside of the inlet to the disposal where the plug was punched. Cleaned the trap under the sink.

Still the leak from the airgap persists. The flow from the dishwasher is pretty strong and the pipe from the dishwasher is long�in goes around a corner, but I don�t see how that would be a problem. The disposal drain ultimately fills from the flow from the disposal, but does not result in water coming up into the sink.

Anybody got any suggestions??????



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