Re: Air in Pipes when turning water on
Posted by Hube on May 19, 2003 at 16:05:42:
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: I travel frequently and have been turning off my water when I leave. However, when I return home and turn the water back on and then turn on a faucet in the house, I get very loud banging - I guess from air in the pipes. I'm afraid I'll damage the pipes. Should I not turn the water off when I go away for a while? Is this loud banging normal? It goes away after I open all the faucets.
: thank you very much Linda: since your on a well system your sub pump is probably down in the well .What you could be hearing after a few days absence, is the "checkvalve" on start-up whacking the piping with a slug of water. This is caused by a slight leak in the foot valve of the pump. Some times called "drainback". Do you encounter much air gurgling sound when first turning on taps? To have this checked out the pitless would have to be lifted and see where the water level is holding. If the valve is not leaking the level will be at the TOP of the pitless. Hube

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