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Posted by Deb on May 19, 2003 at 10:43:29:
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: Thanks for your fast response.

: The call has been made and he is on his way, but I thought it might be wise to have an outside opinion as to possible causes of the problem before the plumber arrived.

: Additionally, it makes me very nervous to have something like this happen right away - you wonder about the overall quality of construction and what unseen problems there may be.

: Maybe it is just first time homebuyer jitters, but I thought having an unbiased opinion might be helpful.

: : What is the problem? It is a new house so have the plumber who installed the system come out and fix it.

: : : We moved into a brand new house 3 days ago, and from day 1 both bathrooms have been a disaster. Everything seems fine if you take a quick shower, wash hands, use toilet, but if you take a bath EVERYTHING but sinks in both bathrooms (opposite sides of house) backs up. Used spa tub and it drained half way when I heard gurgling noise. Toilet and shower backed up in same bath. Went to check other bathroom and found toilet backed up and sewage backed up into tub. Does not affect kitchen sink or dishwasher. Any idea what could cause this? We are leasing until we close on the house, which is supposed to be next week, so fast responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Don't get jittery yet. This could have nothing to do with the plumber or the kind of job he (or she) did. It is not uncommon for construction debris to get down drains in new construction.
Sometimes other subs put things down they shouldn't--drywall mud, grout, etc.
I would hope that this job was permitted and inspected...
The Pipewench

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