Re: ring down drain
Posted by Hube on May 16, 2003 at 18:19:29:
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: Hube,

: If the magnetic strip works, she best not tell the the financee. :-) idon't think diamonds are magnetic, BUT the RING part could be. So if the magnet works, you can tell your beau. Hube

: : : i dropped my engagement ring down the sink in my bathroom tonite ... im living in an older apartment and the connection on the pipes that u would normally unscrew and open is rusted over n i couldnt budge it ...
: : : im wondering any hints apart from sawing open the pipe to see if my ring is in there or is it a waste of time would it be gone now ... i havent run any water since it went gurgling down there and i would really like it back without having to tell my fiancee what happened ....
: : Try a 12" piece of wire (thinner than a coat hanger) bent into a small V at one end and fish for it. Also,a magnet strip MAY work. Put a big loop on the top end of wire, so you don't lose it down the drain when fishing. If no success, then cutting the trap is next. A diy fix for about $15. max. Let us know how you make out. Hube

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