Shopping for a tub
Posted by Dave on May 16, 2003 at 11:38:48:
I'm getting my bath remodeled and was considering replacing my old tub, but I'm not sure whether to do it and what to replace it with, so this is a two-part inquiry.

(1) My old tub is the original one installed when the house was build in 1956. I don't see a brand name. It's a recessed cast iron unit. Since I'm having the walls around it stripped to the studs, now's the best time to replace it. It appears to be in good shape, however. It's seen its years of scouring with abrasive cleaners, but there are no chips or deep scratches or gouges or rust and there aren't any stains. Why should I replace it? What could go wrong with it?

(2) I'd pretty much decided that if I replace it, I'd buy the American Standard Princeton Americast tub; however, after reading the comments on Americast tubs and kitchen sinks on this forum, I'm having serious doubts. It appears that the tubs will chip and scratch and mark very easily and there may be some flex in the bottoms. So, my question is what is a good basic cast iron tub? I've looked at the Kohler Villager, but it's so small. The American Standard Princeton is about the same size as my current tub.

I'd very much appreciate your all's advice and comments.

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