Re: Does Dishwasher need a Johnson Tee
Posted by hj on May 15, 2003 at 19:14:56:
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Where do you live that connecting to the disposer is a violation of the code?

: We're planning a kitchen remodel to include new granite countertops. Our Kitcheaid dishwasher currently drains to a separate drain line with a rubber hose to a plastic fitting on an airgap "button" on the sink and then from the plastic fitting to the separate drain line with another rubber hose. My contractor says they routinely drain dishwashers to the knockout plug on the garbage disposal. Although apparently common practice, doing it that way is apparently against code. To avoid having to cut another hole in the granite for the airgap button, a "Johnson Tee" is supposed to be used. Based on the only picture I've seen of one of these animals (and it has copper pipe going to a black PVC drain line...nothing like my rubber hose), I don't have room for a 42" rise of black PVC piping as I have a large window right over the sink. Is there a good description, photo, explanation of a "Johnson Tee" available on-line?

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