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Posted by Hube on May 15, 2003 at 08:49:57:
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: : : There is a vent coming out of the front of my house. I presume that this release gas from the water lines (?). Unfortunately, it is right near my front porch/front door and every time the toilet flushes, you can hear the flush from across the street (practically). If someone is at the door, and I'm in the loo, I can't flush or the person will know my every move. Can I do anything to quiet or muffle the sound eminating from the vent?JEFF;IF the vent was installed according to code, it should terminate up on the ROOF, NOT at the FRONT of the house. Hube

: I am curious what jurisdiction you are in. The new International Plumbing Code, published by the inspectors organization, ICBO/ICC, allows for less vents and for them to come out the side of the house instead of the roof. I'm in Wichita, KS and we have been able to keep IAMPO's Uniform Plumbing Code but in jurisdictions where staff is stronger than the trade boards they have moved to the International Code.
: The builder's and jurisdictions staff feel traditional code requirements for safe and reliable plumbing are too strict and that structure occupants would prefer to pay less initially and get less reliable service and incurr more frequent repairs. It's their concept of affordable housing.
: LonnythePlumber
Lonny; WOW, that"code" should save putting up about 10' of pipe ( $10)and get that aroma too. The code we use is the common sense code.

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