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Posted by Roger R on May 15, 2003 at 01:59:06:
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I've bought tons of stuff from ebay including the last two faucets I needed.. one was AmStd Jasmine, beautiful. But so far I haven't found a fintage one like I need

Lonny. Mine is vertical with the three holes and the outer two ~5.5" on center.. Do you have a source you can share or how should I go about finding a faucet?? thanks! Roger

: : hi. One of my best sources of information has been the Ebay Auction site. The sellers there usually answer your questions quickly because they want to sell their stuff. One trick is looking at a sellers other items for sale; if he's selling a bunch of plumbing supplies the good question he is knowledgable. You can see a picture of items, serial numbers which you csan search on the Internet for manufaturer specs. There are categories for antique stuff which seems your particular dilemma.
: : Take your time if possible, you'll probably find what you are looking for.
: : In my case I am a furniture refinisher, however will install my whirlpool tub by myself even with a solar water heating system all from Ebay.
: : good luck

: :

: : : Hello.. I have an old wall mounted sink in my bath. This sink also has a wall-mounted faucet. I have tried to keep this valve going (even had a broken stem welded once), but it seems as it has finally given in. Does anyone know a source for another wall-mounted faucet that will fit this set up? The sink has the three holes and the faucet valve holes are 5.625" on center, with a third spout hole in the center. Is there any modern faucet that would work??? I've heard about single valves that could possibly be mounted behind with just the handle (and cover plate) coming through the hole, but I don't know a source.. I could possibly adapt the current spout with two new behind the sink wall valves... anyone have a source for anything at all??? Thank you!! Roger

: We can still get ledge back lavatory faucets. Note whether yours is vertical or on a 45 degree. It is also helpful to look underneath the lavatory and identify the manufacturer. LonnythePlumber

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